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Kenya Hotel Directory.Com began with the intention of bringing together all that is entailed in the Kenya Tourism Sector, East Africa, Africa and to the World. All this under one Umbrella from Kenya all to the World and making the Traveler's experience more than convenient. Desiring to bring to the World with the important, specific Travel information enabling you to enjoy exquisite and exotic settings of Kenya, East Africa, Africa and the World at large.

To Make life easy for the Traveler we pictured all that one has to go through coming in from abroad to their destination, from the Word go and each step we began bringing the detailed information together being able to have companies and organizations customized their services to suite your stay to your destination.

Getting flights to Kenya East Africa, Africa and the World at large may be difficult, Transport from the Airport to your place of stay be it a Hotel or a Resort, a Lodge, a Guest House or a Hostel.From the Shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean to the endless plains of the Wild Kenya, a Safari to the Maasai Mara,Tsavo, Amboseli, Serengeti, experience the great wild life experience Kenya. In need of Foreign exchange we have a list of Bureaus giving you safe reliable reasonable exchange of currency.If you would like to move around the city you can call a Taxi / Cab or even Hire a car.

Our objective is to meet every Traveller's need deciding to take a trip for holidays, business, various visits and equip them with Important information for Travel from Hotels, Lodges, to Tours & Travel, Car Hire, and even to Airliness MAKING YOUR TRAVEL MORE THAN CONVENIENT!.For those intending to take a Safari trip to Kenya, East Africa, Africa & the World we have trained professional staff listed with a world know track record helping you in the does and don'ts when your in the wild, travel with experts make you Safaris a memorable experience

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We have a staff of trained professional editors who continuously update and surpervise the Directory with new informaton as we get it. We Continue to build the Website organizing it to specific needs of our users. For this isn't an easy task we will appreciate your assistance in various areas of travel as we try make the world a global village as we live together.


Kenya Hotel Directory.Com uses various channels to market organziations listed in our Directory in various ways such as stations world wide; in Italy, Canada , Germany, the United States of America, Britain etc. We use the Internet as a powerful means of reaching the world with use of Search Engines; major search enignes such as google yahoo etc (Search Engine Optimization), Various marketing companies on the internet, use of blogs and forums, social networks.

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